Who is BASH?

What started out as a simple dream of being her own boss turned into a seven figure business, and Top 100 store on Etsy.

After going to college for Public Relations, Kari got a job working in corporate, but soon found that it was not for her. After going through less than favorable work situations, she realized she not only wanted to work for herself, but wanted to a be a boss that her employees enjoyed working for. She wanted to create a space for employees to be creative, feel valued, and grow in their designated fields. Not knowing what that looked like just yet, she began selling gold glitter mason jars on Etsy after creating them for her own wedding in 2013. Her product took off, and started producing a small revenue stream alongside her full-time job. Once married, and pregnant, her daughter gave her the push she needed to be that role model, and boss she desired to be. So after countless hours of research, testing, and designing, Kari expanded her business and started selling graphic tees, and the rest is history.

Bash quickly began gaining traction on the 2+ million store site, and within two years became a Top 100 Etsy Store. To keep up with demand, Kari hired women to help her build the business, and to this day those original women still work for her. She says there is no way she would have ever become this successful without them. "It’s not my store, it’s our store.”

Bash is now run by a team of 6 individuals, with 100% of them being women. The future for Bash is bright, as they have now expanded their business to include more than just tees. Bash is now a one stop shop for everything bridal, bachelorette, holiday, and more. With their Shopify site now being their next biggest venture, they could not be more excited that you found your way to their page.

What makes them different is their women owned, and majority female run venture. The majority of their suppliers are also located in the U.S. So when you purchase from Bash you can be confident that the items were picked out personally by the team, and are of the highest quality, while still offering them to you at the best price point. Your purchases go to help support the women working here, as well as other women in the industry. What has been, and will always be a foundational pillar of Bash is the desire and practice of promoting and supporting other local business women. They do this by partnering with many other local creatives and business owners in the Charlotte community and beyond.